.Snowshoe hare guide sevice

Coonhound Central

........SNOWSHOE HARE GUIDE SERVICE................
live snowshoe hare photos
northeast vermont labrador retrievers
yellow lab pups
moose hunting
cold nosed hounds
dozer at stud for 1 choice pup
youth hunters
new bear pictures
pup"s pedigree
marble mtn walkers out of business
New pictures fall 2002
pedigree 1
joey's pedigree
june 2004
visitors photos
bobcat 2003
coyote hounds.
bear and hounds.
coon hunting in LA
backeast hounds outwest
dog pictures-
Coonhound Central
brother john and mike
other varmints

aint the internet  great

i just been so busy lately
couch camo CLICK HERE for details --

well -- guess missed redhunter on cc  other nite-- havent heard fron nyboddy  from  la  lately --
i havent been on  as much as i used to be- miss it--  -  talk to  DG and gal  regular on yahoo- have heard from a lot of regulars from time to time --
anybody from cc  stumbles on  this  page oughta send a email  or smoke signal---  no excuse being awol -  lol    that means u 

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