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 what has happened to cold nosed hounds?

 the nose is  being bred out of hounds. this is a serious problem.   i think one reason for  this is competition hunting .  field trials  ,nite hunts  etc.   you  cant  run  anything  till  you  get  it  started   .  when  they  make  a  loss  they  need  to  start  it  again  .   maybe  they  shouldnt  have made  a  loss  but  they  did.   i  think  the  idea  behind  field  trials  is  to  improve  dogs .  the  reality is  it  is  ruining  them.
  who is  breeding  the  most  dogs  and  selling  the  most  pups.      competition  hunters  .   i  will  say  right  now  there  is  some  good  in  this.  in  the  twenty five  plus  years ive  hunted  i  see  dogs  that  start  quicker.      tree  dogs     tree  a  lot  easier  than  they  used  to .   some  of  the  best  bear  dogs ive seen come from  competition coon  hound blood lines.  i think the biggest  reason  is  increase in drive and  desire.      when you  hear  somebody  say   that  its  too  wet,too  dry,   too  hot  , too  cold, too  windy, etc etc  etc  .   stop  and  think  .  could  it  be  that  my  prize  hound  has  been  bred  to  run  game  in  a  pen  .   his  recent  ancestors  only  had  to  run  around  a little  to run  into  another   rabbit ,hare   fox  or  coyote.   why  should i expect   him  to  figure  this  track  out  .    
 could  it  be  he  is  lacking a little  in  nose or  cold  trailing ability. ???  just  think  about  it  a  little.     next  time  you  breed  a  dog ask  yourself  how  he  performs on  the  really  tough   days.  i judge my dogs the same  beagles or bear dogs. i want  them to cold trail,walk if they have too and run to catch when they can. i like a bark every breath dog but do not tolerate boo hooing idiots, i am very interested in hearing from any breeders of  cold nosed beagles,or treeing walker big game hounds.  pete  


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