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Pedigree of snowy mtn dozer

snowy mtn dozer

Sex: m

Breeder: richard gould
Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
FC Snow Run Scottie FC Snow Run Bo-Jack FTCH Branko's Jack of All Trades IFC Able's East Coast Trimmer
FTCH Branko's Close-Call Girl
FC Big Brook Dixie Big Brook Boomerang
R J Rachel's Candy
Ottawa Lil Anne Branko's Scoobie Doo FTCH Branko's Copper Boy
Greenbrier Branko's Tootsie
Ottawa Sadie FC Snow Run Boone
Tiny's Furnace St Bell
Snowy MTN. Blue Magic FC Mackvlle Molunkus Johnboy Clover Valley Magnum FC Lyle's Trim Boy
Bayfield Bon-E
Lyle's Molunkus Penny IFC Armando's Northern Tracker
Hood's Song
Snowy MT Ticker Lynn's Snowy MT Bandit IFC Maple Hill Blacky
Beaver Pond Pixie
Snowy MT Ruby FC Horse Shoe Driver
Snowy MTS Work-A-Line Jessie
This pedigree generated at www.CoonDawgs.com

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