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steve tworig with 05 moose-
55 in 800lbs- got him in a hurricane --


there a few changes in regulations ---    every hunter will be given a guide pass -- 
this means if i fill one hunters  tag  i can take another-- if u have a tag and havent filled it wouldnt hurt to give me a call-   also split seasons  --seperate anterless season--   i do some preseason guiding if you draw a tag in a zone im not guiding in  that season-

called this guy up on scoutin trip -
not huge but was close-- lol

june moose- antlers not developed yet
i want to see this one in october -

.During the 2002 moose season, Robert Dewey killed a world class Canada moose in the town of Woodford with a 64 3/8” outside spread. When this moose was scored last week it was certified with a VBGTC score of 208 7/8, making the Dewey moose the new number one moose in the VBGTC records. This moose has been submitted for entry into the Boone and Crockett Club “Records of North American Big Game” with a net score of 195 3/8 making it the number two Vermont moose taken in fair chase by a hunter. The Dale Potter moose will remain at number one by net score at 196 2/8.
anyways what this means is , moosehunting in VERMONT is not just a novelty anymore-
moose have spread state wide- -  season has  expanded every year so far -  its not alaska or the yukon yet,  but we have some pretty awesome moosehunting in vermont now -
lets hope  ,we dont have to kill as many cows as last season-

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