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marble mtn walkers out of business

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marble mtn walkers out of business
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 due to  price of gas and feed,extenuating circumstances ,etc,etc --sold all my walkers -  25 +  years is long enuff, if i cant do a good job hunting dogs ,i dont want any -
 im just a beagle man now,

pup and sassy
cold nosed rig dogs


500lb bear taken with pete n sassy
hunting with downeast outfitters ,rogues bluffs ME

trigg-walker cross
would like to hear from other hunters using foxhound-treehound crosses for bear or cat hunting

im always glad to hear from other hunters and houndsmen. if  you  have some  good  hounds id  like to  hear  about  them.   we can work together to breed some better  dogs .if  your a breeder of  cold nosed beagles that can do it on snow and ice id like to hear from you,   im very interested in talking dogs with breeders of  treeing  walker big game  hounds, maybe we can help each other out.  

chris lugdon with nek millie

wow   time  flies -   all dogs pictured except pete are dead and  gone-
ive quit bear hunting -- 
just have beagles now-
ive  made some friendsacroos the country and even other countries  thru these hounds and i enjoy hearing from all  hound people

pete richardson  2474 pepin rd brownington VT-05860--
802-754=1084    802-323-7898

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